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Eyewear for Golfers

Eyesight on the golf course is vital to your game.

Whether you are looking at the ball while swinging or spotting the ball after driving down the fairway, your vision is constantly being used while on the course. There are several ways that we at Eyellusion can help you improve your game.

First of all, if golf is your passion and you wear glasses, wear glasses that are designed to better your golf game.

The combination of visual demands of being on a golf course is different than in our daily life. Getting the right eyewear for the golf course depends on the following factors.

Golfer Eyewear
  1. Different Distances. As a golfer, whether you are driving or putting, your eyes are constantly evaluating different distances. Your accuracy in calculating distance and terrain gives you a key advantage
  2. Lighting conditions. Golf is an outdoor sports activity. The visual environment on a golf course is constantly changing and as a golfer you are constantly having to adapt to those changes. During a single day out on the course, the lighting conditions will often change from bright and sunny to dark and overcast.
  3. A variety of backgrounds: Your golf game is dependent on seeing a 1.68-inch ball against backgrounds that range from the green grass, yellow sand, trees and varies shades from blue to grey skies.
  4. Contours of the course: height, pitch contour, sand, hight of the grass all play a crucial roll in sinking the ball.

There are two crucial elements for eyewear when it comes to dealing with these unique demands of the golfer with glasses.

First is your frame choice. You want to have frames that wrap completely around your field of vision and give you better visual acuity down the fairway, on the fringe and rough, and aid you in better gauging distance with accuracy to help you read the course better

At Eyellusions we recommend Oakley and Maui Jim. Both of these frames offer excellent quality and engineering for the golfer.

Shamir Golf Lenses

Shamir Golf™ is a Freeform® lens designed to ensure that you experience your perfect game. Shamir Golf lenses are different than standard progressives, in that they target three specific vision zones that are specifically tailored to the needs of golfers to maximize their viewing:

  1. The scorecard in their hand
  2. The ball at their feet
  3. The green in the distance.

Shamir Golf™ provides a sharp focus without distortion in these three crucial areas. And before we forget, it’s the first Golf lens designed with a stable mid-range zone to ensure the ball on the ground can be seen clearly so your patients will have an accurate drive or putt. Perhaps most importantly… The staff at Eyellusions doesn’t just carry the cutting edge in eyewear for today’s golfer, we love golf.

Give us a call or stop by to learn more about how maximizing your vision on the course will improve your game.

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